Nominations to the 2023 IAVCEI Thorarinsson, Fisher and Krafft Medals

Nominations to the 2023 IAVCEI Thorarinsson, Fisher and Krafft Medals

Dear IAVCEI members,

we are pleased to announce the opening of the call for submitting nominations to the IAVCEI 2023 Thorarinsson, Fisher and Krafft Medals.

These will be awarded during our IAVCEI General Assembly in Berlin (28th IUGG GA, 11-20 July 2023). Nominations can be submitted until the 1st of March. Below we remind you the specificities of each of these three Medals. Submission guidelines can be retrieved on the ‘Awards’ sub-page of the IAVCEI website.

Best regards,

Patrick Allard, IAVCEI President

Roberto Sulpizio, IAVCEI Secretary General

* Thorarinsson Medal

It is the most senior medal of IAVCEI, given since 1987 to a scientist of outstanding distinction who has made fundamental contributions to research in volcanology. It honors the memory of Professor Sigurdur Thorarinsson who is known for his pioneering work in volcanology, especially tephrochronology of Iceland. The medal was donated by the Iceland Geoscience Society and one representative of this latter will further be associated to the nominee selection in 2023.

* Fisher Medal

The Fisher Medal is given to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to volcanology based primarily upon field observations. It honors the memory of Professor Richard V. Fisher of the University of California Santa Barbara, who has been famous for his pioneering work on pyroclastic density currents and his models for transport and deposition based upon very carefully field studies of stratigraphic sections and sedimentological properties of the deposits.

* Krafft Medal

The Krafft Medal honors the memory of Katia and Maurice Krafft who were killed while photographing a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen, Japan, in 1991. The Kraffts were pioneers in filming, photographing, and recording volcanoes. The medal is co-sponsored by the Krafft family through the trust fund “Volcan et Images”. Since 2004 the Krafft Medal is awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to volcanology through service to the scientific community or to communities threatened by volcanic activity, in particular for having shown altruism and dedication to the humanitarian and applied sides of volcanology.

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