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IAVCEI Honorary Members

IAVCEI Honorary Members

The Executive Committee will elect three Honorary Members of IAVCEI at every General Assembly. The first three Honorary Members were announced at a ceremony at IUGG General Assembly at Sapporo, Japan in July 2003. From 2004, three Honorary Members are elected every four years. Honorary Membership is given to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the volcanological community, and in particular to IAVCEI. There are not formal call for nominations, but members of IAVCEI are encourage to suggest names to the Committee through a letter to the Secretary General.


Prof. Hans-U. Schmincke (Germany)

Prof. Shigeo Aramaki (Japan)

Dr. Robert Tilling (USA)


Prof. Haraldur Sigurdsson (USA)

Prof. Franco Barberi (Italy)

Prof. Wally Johnson (Australia)


Prof. Servando de la Cruz-Reyna (Mexico)

Prof. Sergei Fedotov (Russia)

Prof. Grant Heiken (USA) 

Prof. Izumi Yokoyama (Japan)


Prof. Ray Cas (Australia)

Dr. Marta Calvache (Colombia)

Prof. Lionel Wilson (UK)

Prof. Patty Mothes (USA)