Membership fees 2024

Please note that there has been no increase in these rates since 2016!

EARLY CAREER RESEARCHER (for definition see §4.2 and §4.3 of the Statutes & By-Laws)

1-year membership (expiration 31/12/2024)15 Euro
4-year membership (expiration 31/12/2027) 50 Euro

REGULAR Membership (based on personal income)

Income over US$ 16,000/year: 

1-year membership (expiration 31/12/2024)50 Euro
4-year membership (expiration 31/12/2027) 175 Euro

Income US$ 8,000-16,000/year:

1-year membership (expiration 31/12/2024)25 Euro
4-year membership (expiration 31/12/2027) 80 Euro

Income under US$ 8,000/year:

1-year membership (expiration 31/12/2024)15 Euro
4-year membership (expiration 31/12/2027) 50 Euro

LIFE Membership (one-time payment, no annual fees thereafter)

800 Euro

BENEFACTOR (life membership included)

1000 Euro