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Volcanic Surveillance and Crisis Management Award

The Volcanic Surveillance and Crisis Management Award honors the personnel from institutions or organisations responsible for monitoring volcanoes (volcano observatories and/or other institutions) that have made a remarkable contribution to the mitigation of volcanic hazards and volcanic risks. Volcano monitoring, eruption forecasting and the mitigation of volcanic hazards are key objectives of volcanologists and a duty of volcano observatories worldwide. Criteria for eligibility include: successful hazard assessment and mitigation efforts, and/or effective volcano surveillance and eruption forecasting and/or effective crisis management. This award will be presented every 2 years at the Cities on Volcanoes Meeting (CoVs).

Watch the Volcanic Surveillance and Crisis Management Award 2020.


  • 2018 – Center for Volcanology and Geologic Hazards Mitigation (CVGHM) (Pusat Vulkanologi an Mitigasi Bencana Geologi) – INDONESIA
  • 2020 – Instituto Geofisico Escuelo Polytecnica Nacional (IGEPN) – ECUADOR
  • 2022 – Seismic Research Center of the University of the West Indies – TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO