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George Walker Award

The George Walker Award honors the memory of Professor George Walker, who was born on March 2, 1926, and died on January 17, 2005. Professor Walker’s discoveries pioneered a modern quantitative approach to physical volcanology and greatly accelerated the understanding of volcanic processes. The award is supported by the George Walker Fund. The award is given every two years to a scientist up to 7 years after Ph.D. acquisition. The award recognizes the achievements of a recent outstanding graduate in the fields of research encompassed by IAVCEI, or also a recent graduate whose achievements in volcanology involved operating in difficult circumstances. The winner will receive a certificate with a cash award.


  • 2004 Costanza Bonadonna 
  • 2008 Diana C. Roman 
  • 2008 Fukashi Maeno
  • 2011 Josef Dufek 
  • 2013 Heather Wright
  • 2015 Anja Schmidt 
  • 2017 Sébastien Biass
  • 2017 Alexa Van Eaton
  • 2019 Damien Gaudin
  • 2019 Fabian Wadsworth
  • 2023 Emma Nicholson (Liu)
  • 2023 Andrea Bevilacqua
  • 2023 Thomas Jones