IUGG support for scientific meetings in 2022

IUGG support for scientific meetings in 2022

The IUGG support to scientific meetings (e.g. workshops, advanced schools, symposia) is one of the most important means by which the Union and its Associations pursue a goal of promoting geophysics and geodesy through international collaboration. A portion of the IUGG budget is devoted to the support of these scientific meetings. The IUGG Executive Committee places great emphasis on maintaining high scientific standards, coverage of a balanced spectrum of topics, and an appropriately broad and international flavour for the scientific programme of the meetings. In that respect, the ISC rules on non-discrimination in the access of qualified scientists from all parts of the world to any IUGG-sponsored meeting apply.

The number of co-sponsored meetings ranges from 10 to 15 (up to USD 2,000 each). Accordingly, not all meeting proposals worthy of support can be awarded IUGG sponsorship. The following guidelines for obtaining IUGG sponsorship should be observed by prospective proposers:

  • IUGG-sponsored scientific meetings should have a well-defined and scientifically relevant theme, should be scheduled at a propitious time for significant progress in the field, and should be of interest to young researchers as well as senior experts.
  • While the IUGG embraces all fields in geophysics and geodesy, a proposed programme should maintain a balanced scope relevant to IUGG Associations. Each proposal will be judged on its own scientific merits.
  • Given the international nature of the Union, meetings are by definition internationally oriented. This requires a well-balanced geographical distribution of participants.

Normally, the initiative to propose a scientific meeting for IUGG sponsorship originates from a group of scientists in a certain field. Prospective meeting organisers should contact the respective Association Secretary General (ASG) well in advance of their intended proposal submission, and then send their request for IUGG support to the ASG by 15 October 2021.

The scientific merit of each scientific meeting’s proposal will be evaluated by the respective ASG, taking into consideration comments and advice received from the Association Executive Committee. The ASGs should communicate their recommendation for selection to the IUGG Secretariat by 31 October 2021.

The tentative allocations will be made by the IUGG Secretary General and then reviewed by the Members of the IUGG Bureau to assure impartiality. The Bureau will decide on the final selection of the meetings to be supported. Their decision will be communicated to the ASGs by the IUGG Secretary General in a letter of award not later than 1 December 2021. The IUGG support should be acknowledged in all documents related to a sponsored meeting (e.g. in the scientific programme, on the website, brochures, publications of proceedings, etc.)

More information is available here.

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