Official Announcement COV11 postponed for June 17-22, 2022!!!

New dates for the proposed Field trips established.

Dear registrants of COV11 and the Volcanological community,

The Local Organizing Committee has been working very hard behind the scenes, making sure that the next edition of Cities on Volcanoes shall be a fully safe and successful conference, considering the extraordinary global public health issue of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given these unprecedented circumstances, the COV11 Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the IAVCEI Executive Committee, and Cities and Volcanoes (CAV) Commissioners have jointly decided to postpone COV11 for June 12-17, 2022.

The proposed Field trips have new dates as well:

Pre Field Trips

Methana | 10-11 June 2022

Intra Field Trip

Archaeological Museum and Knossos | 15 June 2022

Post Field Trips

Santorini the naked child | 18-20 June 2022

Milos | 18-20 June 2022

Nisyros | 18-20 June 2022

Psiloritis | 18 June 2022

We invite you to stay tuned for the announcement of New Dates for COV11, as well as all overall procedures and activities regarding the Conference.

We would like to thank all our Members and Partners for their continued support and participation!

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