IAVCEI EC Elections 2019

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Report from the Nominating Committee

  • Call for nominations to the IAVCEI EC for the 2019-2023 term was announced on 27 November 2018 in the IAVCEI web site and was sent to all members. All nominations were submitted by the deadline of 15 January 2019.
  • All positions, except ordinary committee members, have one more candidates than the number of seats; so that the Nominating Committee was not necessary to select candidates before voting (Statutes #38).
  • Two candidates are from France, Japan and NZ, respectively. This fulfills “no more than two” from the same country in the Statutes #17 and 39.
  • Candidates for the President are from the member countries of IUGG (Statutes #28).
  • All candidates were nominated and seconded by members from three countries different from the candidate’s country, except for one candidate for the ordinary members (Statutes #30).
  • One current ordinary Executive Committee member (3-rd candidate in the following list) was nominated again as the candidate of the extra (second)-term member, which is allowed in the Statutes #16.
  • Seconders of the 4-th candidate for the ordinary member were not paid members when nominated and could not fulfill the membership until the early February 2019 (Statutes #26 and 27). The result was reported to the current Secretary General and President, and the current Executive Committee decided to second the 4-th candidate (Statutes #31).

The following candidates were agreed in the Nominating Committee.

President (1 seat)

  1. Patrick Allard (France) – nominated by Alessandro Aiuppa (Italy), and seconded by Jacob Lowenstern (USA), Ray Cas (Australia), and Steve Sparks (UK)
  2. Michael Burton (UK) – nominated by Donald Dingwell (Germany), and seconded by Paolo Papale (Italy), Freystein Sigmundsson (Iceland), and Bruce Hougton (USA)


Vice-Presidents (2 seats)

  1. Masato Iguchi (Japan) – nominated by John Pallister/Chris Newhall (USA/Singapore), and seconded by Guido Giordano (Italy), James Hickey (UK), and Supriyati Andreastuti (Indonesia)
  2. Jan Lindsay (NZ) – nominated by Nico Fournier (NZ), and seconded by Richard Robertson (Trinidad Tobago), Heather Wright (USA), and Alvaro Amigo (Chile)
  3. Michael Ort (USA) – nominated by Shanaka de Silva (USA), and seconded by Magdalena-Oryaelle Chevrel (France), Pierre-Simon Ross (Canada), and Micol Todesco (Italy)


Ordinary Committee Members (4 seats)

  1. Fidel Costa (Singapore) – nominated by Joan Marti (Spain), and seconded by Shanaka de Silva (USA), Luis Lara (Chile), and Patrick Allard (France)
  2. Eisuke Fujita (Japan) – nominated by Hiroshi Shinohara (Japan), and seconded by Fidel Costa (Singapore), Nico Fournier (NZ), and Augusto Neri (Italy)
  3. Lizzette Rodriguez*1 (Puerto Rico) – nominated by Mariano Agusto (Argentina), and seconded by Mariana Patricia Jacome (Mexico), Matthew Watson (UK), and Michael Ort (USA)
  4. José Viramonte*2 (Argentina) – nominated by Guillermo Alvarado (Cosata Rica), and seconded by Guido Giordano (Italy) and Current Executive Committee


Early Career Researcher, aged 35 or less at time of nomination (1 seat)

  1. Julia Eychenne (France) – nominated by Hannah Dietterich/Kathy Cashman (USA/UK), and seconded by James Hickey (UK), Jenny Riker (UK), and Susanna Jenkins (Singapore)
  2. Joshua Hayes (NZ) – nominated by Thomas Wilson/Natalia Deligne (NZ), and seconded by Costanza Bonadonna (Switzerland), Hannah Dietterich (USA), and Susanna Jenkins (Singapore)


Candidates for each position are listed in alphabetical order.

Names following the candidate in bold are of principal nominator (s) and seconders.

*1: Nomination for the second term which sis allowed (Statutes #16).

*2: As two other seconders were not current IAVCEI members, the current EC seconded its nomination (Statutes #31).


Nominating Committee

Hugo Delgado Granados (Mexico)
Pierfrancesco Dellino (Italy)
Setsuya Nakada (Japan) - Chair
Karoli Nemeth (New Zealand)
Patricia Mothes (Ecuador)

Curricula of the candidates

President (1 seat)

Patrick Allard (France)


Vice-President (2 seats)

Ordinary Committee Members (4 seats)

Fidel Costa (Singapore)


Lizzette Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)


Josè Viramonte (Argentina)


Early Career Researcher, aged 35 or less at time of nomination (1 seat)

Julia Eychenne (France)

Eugenio Nicotra
Eugenio Nicotra