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The videotapes, Understanding Volcanic Hazards and Reducing Volcanic Risk, are now available in DVD for purchase . The videos are available in English and Spanish in either NTSC or PAL video format. The late Maurice Krafft for IAVCEI and UNESCO produced the video.

Dual-layer DVD: 120 minutes total, $25 (includes U.S. shipping) 
Available in NTSC format (N. America & Japan) and PAL format (Europe)

 The DVD includes the Following 5 programs

Understanding Volcanic Hazards (English) 

Comprensión de Amenazas Volcánicas (Spanish) 

Vivre Sous la Menace des Volcans (French)

This 25-minute video features stunning images of seven types of volcanic hazards: ash falls, hot ash (pyroclastic) flows, mudflows, landslides, volcanic tsunamis, lava flows and volcanic gases. This program is intended to help prevent future deaths from volcanic eruptions by showing compelling images of destructive volcanic activity. The late Maurice Krafft produced this video for IAVCEI and UNESCO.

Reducing Volcanic Risk (English) 

Reduciendo el Riesgo Volcánico (Spanish) 

This 23-minute program is designed to prevent volcanic eruptions from becoming volcanic disasters using three steps: identifying hazardous areas, monitoring volcanoes, and developing and testing an emergency plan. Examples from around the world - Japan, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines - are used to show how these steps are needed to save lives during volcanic emergencies.


The video programs, Understanding Volcanic Hazards and Reducing Volcanic Risk, are copyrighted by the International Association of Volcanology  and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior. IAVCEI must be contacted prior to any non-personal use of the videos. Most of the video and animation  sequences were provided by the late Maurice Krafft. The original material  is currently managed by Jacques Durieux.

Those interested in using the  material should contact him at the following address:
GROUPE D'ETUDE DES VOLCANS ACTIFS - 33 (0) 613 67 68 65; 33 (0) 478 70 53 59; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eugenio Nicotra
Eugenio Nicotra