IAVCEI Young Researcher Members List

NameCountryIAVCEI ID
Mr Robin Adair Canada3476
Mr. Rigoberto Aguilar Contreras Peru2346
Mr Thomas J AubryCanada3027
Dr. Andreas Auer Japan2340
Ms. Amelia Anne Bain Uk2450
Dr. Jessica L. Ball Usa2425
Mr. Michael E Barber Usa2438
Ms. Laura Becerril Carretero Spain10223384
Dr. Mary Catherine Benage Usa2447
Mr Thomas Robert Benson United States3335
Mr Sebastien BiasseUnited States3009
Mr Joshua M Blackstock United States3457
Mr. Alexander Bock Germany2303
Mr. Scott C Borchardt Usa2402
Mr Jackson Stone Borchardt United States3285
Mrs. Frances Boreham Uk2451
Mr Joseph Robert Boro United States3116
Mr Jorg Buchner Germany2185
Ms Hannah Maeve Buckland United Kingdom3110
Mr. Ryan Cain Cahalan Usa2363
Ms. Emily Cahoon Usa10223569
Ms. Michal Camejo Trinidad & Tobago10223339
Ms. Melissa Aileen Carley Usa2452
Dr. Matteo Cerminara Italy2488
Mrs Amber Ciravolo Usa2298
Mrs Joy Cline United States3194
Ms. Amy Collinson Uk1877
Mr Kyriaki Daskalopoulou Greece3493
Ms. Hannah Dietterich Usa62426
Mr. Drew Tyler Downs Usa2396
Ms. Kyriaki Drymoni Usa10223374
Dr Gareth FabbroSingapore3008
Mr Aaron Farquhar United States3193
Ms. Dolors Ferres Mexico1677
Dr Ashton Flinders United States3425
Ms. Francesca Forni Switzerland2485
Mr. Pablo Brian Forte Germany10223314
Ms JOdi Maree Fox Australia3049
Mr Andrea GabrieliUnited States3029
Ms Jessica Nichole Ghent United States3397
Mr. Robert Trevor Goldman Usa2415
Mr. BOUDOIRE Guillaume France10223033
Mr. Gregor Hahn Uk2448
Ms Brenna Ayn Halverson United States3428
Ms Eva Hartung Switzerland2418
Dr Patrick Calder Hayman Australia3271
Ms Mirja Heinrich New Zealand2412
Mr. Scott HendersonUsa10223291
Ms Amanda Rachelle Hintz United States1600
Dr Alicia Jean Hotovec-Ellis United States3353
Mr Michael Ryan Hudak United States3043
Ms. Amy Hughes Uk2483
Ms Ery Catherine Hughes United Kingdom3227
Mr Nels Iverson United States3292
Ms Meghan Jones United States3274
Mr. Stuart Michael Kenderes Usa2482
Mr. Johannes Klein Germany2449
Ms Janine Krippner United States3092
Mr Jeroen Renier Kuethe United Kingdom3472
Mr. Stefan Lachowycz Uk10036
Mr. Joao Pedro Lages Portugal2388
Mr. Oliver Dalkeith Lamb Uk2481
Mrs María Clara Lamberti United States10223276
Dr. Sebastien Leibrandt France2000
Ms Tanis Leonhardi United States3047
Ms Kathleen Ruth Lipshultz United States3060
Mrs. Charline Lormand New Zealand2443
Dr Amanda Colleen Lough Usa2313
Mr. Bryce Andrew Malton Uk2413
Ms. Celine Lucie Mandon New Zealand2409
Dr. Nelida Victoria Manrique Llerena Peru2356
Dr. Victor H Marquez Ramirez Mexico2326
Ms. Silvia Massaro Italy10223661
Mr. Craig Miller New Zealand1942
Mr Pranabendu Moitra United States3372
Ms. Nicole Moore Usa2478
Mr Katherine Morgan United States3383
Dr Masaaki Morita Japan3155
Mr Aaron Andrew Morrison United States3035
Dr. Maurizio Mulas Ecuador2309
Mrs. Carolina Munoz-Saez Chile2453
Mr Euan James Forsyth Mutch United Kingdom3176
Mr Michelle Jeab Muth United States3325
Ms. Madison Logan Myers Usa2414
Mr. David Neave Uk10223126
Dr Rina Noguchi Japan3170
Mr. Sean O'Donnell Usa2366
Mr Matías Osorio Uruguay10223623
Ms Joali Paredes Italy3444
Dr Luis Miguel Peci Sanchez Spain3215
Dr Alessandra Pensa Mexico3122
Ms Holly Danielle Pettus United States3426
Mr. Sam Poppe Belgium10019
Dr Alexandros Panagiotis Poulidis Japan3249
Mr Jean-Marie Prival France3494
Mr Leo Robert Pure New Zealand2314
Dr. Erika Rader Usa2484
Dr. Marcelo Martin Raponi Argentina2307
Mr Pablo Salas Reyes Chile3331
Mr Philippe RobidouxCanada10223536
Dr Mel Rodgers United States2146
Dr. Emilie Roulleau Chile10223043
Dr Dawn Catherine Sweeney Ruth Singapore3064
Ms Megan Ann Saalfeld United States3395
Dr. Rebecca Salvage Uk10223342
Dr Lauren Nicole Schaefer New Zealand3037
Mrs. Melissa Ashley Scruggs Usa2393
Ms Christine Ruth Sealing United States2152
Ms. Alina Shevchenko Russia2280
Ms Jill S Shipman United States3415
Mr Brian R Shiro United States3431
Ms Aurora Silleni Italy3349
Ms Isla Catherine Simmons United Kingdom3104
Dr. Jean-Francois Smekens France2394
Ms. Elaine R. Smid New Zealand2099
Mr. Michael Stock Uk10223740
Mr DIBACTO KAMWA Stéphane France3446
Mr Andrea Todde New Zealand3063
Dr Barbara A Tripoli United States3172
Mrs. Juliana Troch Switzerland2442
Dr Masashi Ushioda Japan3339
Mr Göksu Uslular Turkey10223349
Ms. Silvia Vallejo France10223414
Dr. Daniele Vergani Australia10054
Ms Clara Waelkens Canada3038
Ms Kellie Taylor Wall United States3284
Mr Leighton Watson United States3297
Ms. Crystal Wespestad Usa2348
Mr Alexander M Wilson Canada3334
Mr Daniel Robert Woodell Austria3065
Dr Taishi Yamada Japan3131
Mr Yuki Yasuda Japan3375
Dr. Araceli Zamora-Camacho Mexico1434

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Cities on Volcanoes 10

“Millennia of Stratification between Human Life and Volcanoes: strategies for coexistence”. Attention will be on the resilience of human societies to volcanic risk,  and volcanic environments perceived as resources.

Dear tephrochronologists and others with interests in tephras and their application

I am very pleased to attach the first circular for the INTAV meeting "Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania", which is to be held in Romania from 24-29 June in 2018. This international


As a result of an international collaborative project called VolFilm short films on volcanic hazards and their impacts are now available to view download at    https://vimeo.com/volfilm/videos

These public information and educational films


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We are glad to inform you that the new IAVCEI Newsletter 2017 No. 4 is now available.

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