IAVCEI Regular Members List

NameCountryIAVCEI ID
Mr Brian James Siababa Aggangan Philippines3454
Dr Gerardo J Aguirre-Diaz Mexico1585
Dr. Mariano Roberto Agusto Argentina10223655
Dr Patrick AllardFrance999
Dr. Alvaro Amigo Chile1519
Dr. Daniel Andrade Ecuador1560
Dr. Benjamin James Andrews Usa1985
Dr Jenni Barclay Uk797
Dr. Ben Beeckmans Tanzania10223539
Prof E Erik Bender Usa1536
Dr Deborah Bergfeld Usa1634
Dr. Kim Berlo Canada1969
Dr. Stephen Blake Uk299
Dr. Nicole Bobrowski Germany10108
Prof. Wendy Bohrson Usa405
Mr. Samuel B. Bonis Guatemala2417
Prof Christoph F. Breitkreuz Germany394
Ms Katharine Bull Australia/Usa1149
Dr Pablo Jorge Caffe Argentina433
Dr Eliza Calder Uk1292
Dr. Marta Lucia Calvache Colombia64
Dr. Victor Camp Usa1146
Dr. Lucia Capra Mexico1398
Prof Carlo Cardellini Italy10223627
Prof. Maria Elena gonzalez Cardenas Spain2301
Dr. Rebecca Carey Usa1887
Dr. Thomas J Casadevall Usa106
Dr Valerie Cayol France1367
Dr Estelle Chaussard United States3073
Prof Wu-Cheng Chi Taiwan3200
Dr Corrado Cimarelli Germany1450
Dr Amanda Bachtell Clarke United States10223169
Dr Kari Cooper Usa1343
Dr Gustavo A Cordoba Colombi120
Dr Joaquin Cortes Usa1658
Prof Fidel Costa Singapore3151
Dr. Walter D'Alessandro Italy1905
Dr Nicolas D'Oreye Luxembourg945
Dr Gianfilippo De Astis Italy1433
Mr Chad D Deering United States3202
Ms Natalia DeligneNew Zealand1681
Dr. Kate Dobson Germany10223752
Dr. Julie M Donnelly-Nolan Usa621
Dr. Amy Donovan Uk1656
Ms. Carolyn Driedger Usa10223491
Mr John C Eichelberger United States3106
Dr David Fee United States3295
Prof Jose Fernandez Spain3173
Mr Judy E. Fierstein United States1233
Dr Tobias P Fischer Usa1138
Dr. Nicolas Fournier New Zealand1394
Prof Holli M Frey United States3069
Dr Jeff Freymueller Usa1250
Prof Akihiko Fujinawa Japan1601
Mr Keiichi Fukui Japan674
Prof Bo Galle Sweden2255
Ms Cynthia A. Gardner United States1006
Dr Dennis Geist Usa686
Dr Kimberly Genareau United States3124
Dr Ralf Gertisser United Kingdom10223378
Dr Nobuo Geshi Japan1232
Prof. Guido Giordano Italy1597
Dr Guillaume Girard United States3291
Dr Olga Girina Russia578
Prof. Patricia M Gregg Usa2315
Dr Chris E Gregg United States3352
Mr Guilherme Gualda USA2068
Dr. William R Hackett Usa2342
Dr Heather Handley Australia10223138
Prof Andrew J L Harris France3239
Mr stephen hernandezEcuador3018
Dr Anna Hicks United Kingdom3140
Mr John Milan Hora Czech Republic3315
Dr Keith Horton Usa1498
Dr. Sigrun Hreinsdottir New Zealand2291
Prof Christian HuberUnited States3007
Prof Masato IguchiJapan218
Dr. Britta J.L. Jensen Canada2420
Dr. Benjamin Jordan Usa10223371
Ms Nina Jordan Uk1648
Ms Erouscilla P Joseph Trinidad1298
Prof. Kazuhiko Kano Japan857
Dr Kyoko S Kataoka Japan1237
Dr. ben Kennedy New Zealand10223006
Prof. Matthieu Kervyn Belgium2431
Dr Laszlo Keszthelyi Usa830
Dr. Ulrich Kueppers Germany10223263
Prof Rebecca Ann Lange United States3065
Dr Luis E Lara Chile901
Dr Peter Larson Usa1676
Dr William Prescott Leeman United States1407
Dr Jan Marie Lindsay New Zealand575
Prof Heidy Mader United Kingdom3033
Dr Rocco Malservisi United States2226
Dr Charles William Mandeville United States3085
Dr Michael P Marani Italy1300
Dr Ana Lillian Martin Mexico610
Ms Mylene L Martinez-Villegas Phillipines800
Mr Sukir Maryanto Indonesia3496
Mr Larry Garver Mastin United States10223364
Dr Takeshi Matsushima Japan1739
Ms. Agnes Mazot New Zealand1030
Prof Oleg Melnik Russia3320
Dr. Ana Teresa Mendoza Rosas Mexico2028
Dr Calvin Miller Usa1518
Dr. Daisuke Miura Japan848
Ms. Maria Luisa Monsalve Colombia1867
Dr. Chiara Montagna Italy2137
Dr. Emily Desmarais Montgomery-Brown Usa1751
Mr. Raul Mora-AmadorCosta Rica1401
Prof Hugo Moreno-Roa Chile568
Prof. Haruhisa Nakamichi Japan683
Ms Christina Neal Usa25
Prof Jurgen Neuberg Uk1009
Prof Kirsten P Nicolaysen United States3171
Ms Miyuki Nonaka Japan2323
Dr. Masayuki Oishi Japan1236
Prof Clive Oppenheimer United Kingdom153
Prof. Michael Ort Usa384
Dr Engielle Mae PaguicanSingapore10223695
Ms Natalia Pardo New Zealand1593
Mr Matthew Patrick United States3441
Dr Annamaria Perrotta Italy109
Mrs Paola Petrosino Italy980
Dr. Melissa Pfeffer Norway1531
Dr Thomas C Pierson United States254
Dr Adrian Pittari New Zealand1056
Mr. Miguel Angel Poblete Piedrabuena Spain2487
Dr. Michael Poland Usa919
Prof Jonathan Procter New Zealand3186
Dr. Giuseppe Puglisi Italy2294
Dr. David Pyle Uk592
Dr Steve QuaneCanada3023
Mr. Carlos Jose Ramirez Costa Rica577
Prof. Jyotiranjan Ray India2422
Prof Mark K Reagan United States10223196
Dr Nancy Riggs Usa383
Dr. Andrea Luca Rizzo Italy10223535
Dr. Lizzette Rodriguez-Iglesias Puerto Rico985
Dr. Emilie RoulleauJapan10223043
Dr. dmitri rouwet Italy2490
Dr Scott K Rowland Usa308
Prof Kenneth H Rubin United States1618
Prof. James K. Russell Canada2489
Ms. Juliet Rose Ryan-Davis Usa2428
Prof Hazel Rymer United Kingdom3411
Dr Genji Saito Japan774
Dr Flavia Maria Salani Argentina3121
Dr. Piergiorgio Scarlato Italy1490
Dr Bettina Scheu Germany1573
Dr Hans F Schwaiger United States2188
Dr. Florian M Schwandner Usa552
Ms. Yemerith Segura Costa Rica2293
Dr Catarina Pacheco Silva Portugal3474
Dr. Maria del Carmen Solana Garcia Uk10223530
Dr Ingo Sonder United States3448
Mr Sheng-Rong Song Taiwan3407
Mr Mike Soulsby Uk1762
Dr. Ales Spicak Czech Republic1176
Dr John Stix Canada44
Prof Jenny Suckale United States3364
Dr Mari Sumita Germany3083
Dr Alexandru Szakacs Romania194
Dr. Jacopo Taddeucci Italy969
Dr Giancarlo Tamburello Italy3402
Dr Paul William Taylor Australia28
Dr. Olaf Tietz Germany2184
Dr Atsushi Toramaru Japan3471
Dr. Kae Tsunematsu Japan2390
Dr Teresa Ubide Australia3077
Prof. Greg Valentine Usa91
Mr James W Vallance United States635
Dr Alexa Van Eaton United States3071
Prof. Benjamin van Wyk de Vries France2286
Mr Loyc Vanderkluysen Usa1143
Mr johan C Varekamp United States491
Dr. Dulce Vargas-BracamontesMexico10223741
Dr Nicholas Varley Mexico986
Dr. R. Greg Vaughan Usa2427
Dr. MarÃŒa Velez Velez Argentina10089
Prof Marco Viccaro Italy1598
Ms Valérie Vidal France10223340
Dr Jose Viramonte Argentina590
Dr. Pierre Vonlanthen Switzerland10223357
Dr Paul J Wallace Usa9
Prof. Virginia Dorsey Wanless Usa2376
Prof Robert Watters Usa1445
Dr. Robert Watts Dominica1952
Mr Peter W Webley United States3414
Dr. Cynthia Werner New Zealand1406
Prof James Whitford-Stark Usa851
Dr. Stanley Williams Usa402
Dr Colin Wilson New Zealand424
Dr. Claire Witham Uk1128
Ms Jo-Elle Wood Wicke Usa1758
Dr Heather Wright Usa1306
Dr Takahiro Yamamoto Japan918
Dr Seiko Yamasaki Japan3061
Prof Sung-Hyo Yun South Korea487

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Cities on Volcanoes 10

“Millennia of Stratification between Human Life and Volcanoes: strategies for coexistence”. Attention will be on the resilience of human societies to volcanic risk,  and volcanic environments perceived as resources.

Dear tephrochronologists and others with interests in tephras and their application

I am very pleased to attach the first circular for the INTAV meeting "Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania", which is to be held in Romania from 24-29 June in 2018. This international


As a result of an international collaborative project called VolFilm short films on volcanic hazards and their impacts are now available to view download at    https://vimeo.com/volfilm/videos

These public information and educational films


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We are glad to inform you that the new IAVCEI Newsletter 2017 No. 4 is now available.

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