IAVCEI Life Members List

NameCountryIAVCEI ID
Dr Tomiya Akihiko Japan762
Prof Robock Alan Usa966
Dr Rust Alison Uk1289
Prof Grunder Anita Usa1184
Dr. Finizola Anthony France1667
Dr. Namiki Atsuko Japan2192
Dr. Bernard Benjamin Ecuador2205
Dr. Moore C Leah Australia77
Dr Simon A Carn United States3209
Prof Connor Charles Usa1174
Dr. Newhall Christopher Singapore373
Dr Scarpati Claudio Italy110
Prof Siebe Claus Mexico1046
Dr Hawkins David Usa1099
Dr Swanson Donald A Usa54
Prof Dingwell Donald B Germany21
Prof. Grosfils Eric Usa2260
Dr Donnadieu Franck France1358
Prof. Barberi Franco Italy1810
Dr Zellmer Georg New Zealand975
Mr. Vallely Gerard A Spain1247
Dr Carrasco-Nunez Gerardo Mexico655
Dr Heiken Grant Usa33
Dr Christopher W. Hamilton United States1464
Dr Mattsson Hannes Switzerland1266
Prof Schmincke Hans Germany1272
Prof. Sigurdsson Haraldur Usa1811
Dr Christopher HenryUnited States155
Dr Itoh Hideyuki Japan1281
Mr Wes Hildreth United States325
Dr Shinohara Hiroshi Japan258
Mr Armann Hoskuldsson Iceland1035
Prof. Kerlow Isaac Singapore2392
Prof. Yokoyama IzumiJapan2283
Dr. Obenholzner J H Austria730
Dr Lowenstern Jacob Usa57
Dr Tanguy Jean-Claude France381
Dr Le Pennec Jean-Luc France1133
Dr Eissen Jean-Philippe France4
Dr. Gilbert Jennie Uk1855
Prof Marti Joan Spain114
Mr Boyer Joel France1275
Prof Gamble John Ireland889
Mr Seach John Australia920
Prof Sinton John Usa1591
Dr Lockwood John P Usa172
Dr Major Jon Usa582
Dr. Dehn Jonathan Usa1625
Dr Clavero Jorge Chile1076
Dr Macias Jose Luis Mexico1409
Prof. Cashman Katharine Venable Uk695
Dr. Mannen Kazutaka Japan1454
Dr Sims Kenneth Usa1757
Mr Cragg Leslie Paul England1129
Prof Bursik Marcus Usa452
Dr Chapman Marshall Usa765
Prof Menzies Martin England1603
Prof Koyama Masato Japan1504
Dr. Pritchard Matthew Usa1856
Dr Bonhomme Michel France944
Mr. Hamilton Myles Uk1849
Prof. Navon Oded Israel375
Dir Ermann Oskar Austria619
Dr Renne Paul R Usa489
Dr Lipman Peter W Usa128
Dr Johnson R Wally Australia1
Mr Hysenaj Rakip Albania1229
Dr Frank C. Ramos United States3263
Prof Cas Ray Australia271
Dr. Robertson Richard E A Trinidad630
Dr Wunderman Rick Usa554
Dr Andres Robert Usa366
Dr Tilling Robert I Usa12
Dr Sulpizio Roberto Italy640
Mr Stewart Roderick Montserrat1595
Prof Greeley Ronald Usa728
Dr Soule S Adam Usa1301
Prof. Nakada Setsuya Japan855
Dr Kim Seung Bum Korea46
Prof De Silva Shanaka Usa946
Dr Cronin Shane J New Zealand282
Dr. Togashi Shigeko Japan647
Prof Aramaki Shigeo Japan287
Prof Hayashi Shintaro Japan673
Dr Turner Simon Australia849
Prof McNutt Stephen Usa335
Prof Self Stephen Usa62
Prof Sparks Steve Uk355
Mr Smith Steve J Usa1015
Dr Planke Sverre Norway320
Dr Shimano Taketo Japan1729
Dr. Mather Tamsin Uk1348
Prof Thorvaldur Thordarson Iceland75
Prof Druitt Tim France933
Dr. Pfeiffer Tom Germany1277
Dr Mori Toshiya Japan338
Prof. Tsunogai Urumu Japan1846
Dr Rose William Usa505
Dr Aspinall Willy Uk97
Dr Morche Wolfgang Peru624
Dr Wada Yutaka Japan671

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Cities on Volcanoes 10

“Millennia of Stratification between Human Life and Volcanoes: strategies for coexistence”. Attention will be on the resilience of human societies to volcanic risk,  and volcanic environments perceived as resources.

Dear tephrochronologists and others with interests in tephras and their application

I am very pleased to attach the first circular for the INTAV meeting "Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania", which is to be held in Romania from 24-29 June in 2018. This international


As a result of an international collaborative project called VolFilm short films on volcanic hazards and their impacts are now available to view download at    https://vimeo.com/volfilm/videos

These public information and educational films


Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that the new IAVCEI Newsletter 2017 No. 4 is now available.

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