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Presentations highlighting the centennial of IAVCEI and one hundred years of volcanology

Presentations highlighting the centennial of IAVCEI and one hundred years of volcanology

At the 27th IUGG General Assembly in July 2019 in Montréal, Canada, IAVCEI celebrated its centenary and one hundred years of scientific advances in Volcanology during a full-day symposium on July 12. The invited presenters have agreed to share their excellent presentations with the wider community (see links below). Have a browse through these presentations that summarise one century of volcanology, as well as some emblematic systems and some major challenges we face in volcanic hazard and risk management.

One Century of Volcanology

From Small Beginnings to a Vibrant International Scientific Association: IAVCEI 1919–2019 – Ray Cas (Australia)

A Hundred of Years of Advances in Understanding How Volcanoes Work – Katharine Cashman (UK/USA)

Hundred-Years of Advances in Volcano Seismology and Acoustics – Diana Roman & Robin Matoza (USA)

A Century of Volcano Geodesy: From Past Practices to Future Potential – Mike Poland (USA) & Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen (Netherlands)

Hundred-Years of Advances in Understanding and Surveying Volcanic Degassing – Patrick Allard (France), Marie Edmonds (UK) & Hiroshi Shinohara (Japan)

Hundred-Years of Advances in Volcano Modelling – Costanza Bonadonna (Switzerland), Mattia de’Michieli Vitturi (Italy) & Augusto Neri (Italy)

Lessons from some Emblematic Systems

Causes and Consequences of Lava Dome Eruptions – Setsuya Nakada (Japan)

Hawai’i 1983 to Now: Multidisciplinary Observations and Monitoring of Long-Lived Eruptions – Bruce Houghton, Tina Neal & Kyle Anderson (USA)

Lessons Learned from Monitoring and Studies of Recent Icelandic Eruptions: Precursors, Eruption Dynamics and Timescales – Freysteinn Sigmundsson et al. (Iceland)

Volcanic Hazards and Risks

Volcanic Crisis Management: Lessons from the Past Century – Marta Calvache (Colombia) – could not attend

Managing Volcanic Risks in Dense Urban Areas: the Challenge at Vesuvius-Campi Flegrei – Mauro Rosi (Italy)

The Fuego volcano disaster of June 3rd 2018: how can such disasters be avoided? – Rüdiger Escobar Wolf (USA/Guatemala) & Carla Chun Quinillo (Guatemala)

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