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21-25 May 2018

7th International Maar Conference

Olot, Catalonia, Spain

The conference will include three days of scientific sessions, which will combine keynote speakers, oral presentations and posters, and an intra-meeting fieldtrip. The conference will cover a wide spectrum of interesting topics related to maar-volcanoes including eruptive processes and depositional mechanisms, field and experimental studies, numerical and analogue modelling of volcanic processes, magmatic and petrogenetic aspects, geodynamic and tectonic constraints, environmental studies of maar lakes and therefore, contributions on biology, ecology, limnology, paleoclimate and lake sedimentation are welcome. 

21-25 May 2018

02-08 September 2018

Cities on Volcanoes 10

Naples, Italy

The Cities and Volcanoes Commission of IAVCEI aims to provide a linkage between the volcanology community and emergency managers, to serve as a conduit for exchange of ideas and experience between “volcano cities”, and to promote multi-disciplinary applied research, involving the collaboration of physical and social scientists and city officials.

21-27 September 2018

7th Workshop on Collapse Caldera

Toba Caldera, Sumatra, Indonesia

The workshop, like previous meetings, will be a venue to discuss many different aspects of calderas, their physical setting, associated magmatic processes, eruption dynamics, impacts of erup1ons, hazards associated with caldera volcanism and their mi1ga1on. Taking advantage of Toba’s unique record, resurgence will be a major theme. The workshop will consists of 3 full days of presentations and discussion, and 3 full days of field-based discussions.

21-27 September 2018

Eugenio Nicotra
Eugenio Nicotra