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One of the missions of IAVCEI is to support the dissemination of the volcanological and geochemical knowledge. In this framework, IAVCEI promotes and economically supports scientific meetings, workshops and schools aimed to increase the cultural exchange though the international community.

IAVCEI provides financial support only to scientific events in which all of the participants are IAVCEI members. If not currently IAVCEI members, participants can either become members or pay an additional equivalent fee at the time of registration that will be subsequently transferred from the organisers to IAVCEI. Information on membership fees can be found on IAVCEI website (

The financial support will be allocated after official request from the organising person/committee, using the form downloadable from this page (at the bottom). The amount of the financial support will be decided case by case based on scientific significance and provided that the financial situation of the IAVCEI allows fund assignments. Typical sizes of financial supports are (they must be intended as examples):

Workshops, meetings, schools with over 500 participants                     10,000 Euro

- Workshops, meetings, schools with 100-500 participants                       4,000 Euro

- Workshops, meetings, schools with less than 100 participants               2-3000 Euro

Financial requests need to be anticipated to IAVCEI SG (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), who will authorise the submission of the request or not. Please, note that in any case the financial support is NOT automatic but all requests are subjected to scientific review and financial availability.

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Cities on Volcanoes 10

“Millennia of Stratification between Human Life and Volcanoes: strategies for coexistence”. Attention will be on the resilience of human societies to volcanic risk,  and volcanic environments perceived as resources.

Dear tephrochronologists and others with interests in tephras and their application

I am very pleased to attach the first circular for the INTAV meeting "Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania", which is to be held in Romania from 24-29 June in 2018. This international


As a result of an international collaborative project called VolFilm short films on volcanic hazards and their impacts are now available to view download at

These public information and educational films


Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that the new IAVCEI Newsletter 2017 No. 4 is now available.

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